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Paris, 1892. If you're not rich, things look bleak. Political bombings and police crackdowns tear the city apart. Out of this carnage steps Emile Henry, a young anarchist preparing his war against the State. But when he hears strange mumblings from the future, madness beckons...

Dead White Anarchists is a solo theatre show, written and performed by Paul Case and directed by Emily Ingram. It's a Molotov cocktail of radical history lesson, spoken word and sci-fi crime thriller. It's a reflection on a bloody past and a chaotic present, but always holding hope for the future.

Dead White Anarchists stopped touring in 2022, but is still available for bookings. Just get in touch via the contact section.

Dead White Anarchists NEW TEXT AND COLOU


A throwback to when political theatre meant the exploration of grand universal ideas... the piece doesn't flinch


The Wee Review 

Packs a piercing punch... Captivating... [a] masterclass in storytelling

Bristol 24/7

The test of a one man show is how often thru the hour you remember that you just sat in a dark room listening to some one talking. In the case of Paul Case's Dead White Anarchists the thought never once crossed my mind. A sort of audio anarchist cookbook peppered with intense and frighteningly accurate squat party acid flashbacks and a real sense that you're being told something that they really don't want you to know about

Thick Richard, poet

Dead White Anarchists is an unflinching, powerful piece of storytelling, performed with confidence, flexibility, and aplomb. A story with bite and humour and explosives aplenty

Ross McLeary, Inky Fingers

Dead White Anarchists is an urgent parable from a master storyteller, collapsing history as it shines a spotlight on the chasm between action and lifestyle

Gary Budden, Influx Press

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