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"He harnesses body and voice as he indicts labels and the dream of perfection; at times drily humorous, at others raging, then again petulant or dramatic. The audience are rapt, enlisted for the cause."

"I saw Paul Case in Edinburgh ... and I think he is well worth checking out. You wouldn't believe the passion... Put a big smile on my face and that's no mean feat. Blinding!"

Steve Ignorant, CRASS/Slice of Life

"An amazing performer. Whether he has you laughing or crying, there is no question he has the unique ability to engage and entertain"

Kev McLean, Loud Poets

"One of the best of a new generation"

Attila The Stockbroker

"His storytelling mixes wry humour with a lot of heart... gripping and charming"

Dave Pickering, Stand Up Tragedy

"Like observing  a blistering, runaway, out of control spoken word juggernaut... blindingly brilliant brain sparking stuff that needs to be seen" 


Dan Cockrill, Bang! Said The Gun


Bridget Hart, Burning Eye

"Funny and poignant"


Pete 'The Temp' Bearder, Stage Invasion

"Paul Case is a supremely talented writer and performer carrying on the rich tradition of radical poetry in the UK"


The Repeat Beat Poet

"A very authentic voice... that emphasised the intensity of his pieces"

The Voice Magazine

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